Air Climber Review

Exercising doesn’t have to be painful and boring. The Air Climber which was developed by world famous fitness trainer, Brenda DyGraf, makes cardio, weight loss and muscle toning exercises more fun and effective that you would have ever dreamed possible. With its unique air pressure technology it lessens painful impact to protect those tender joints. You can increase pressure as you increase strength and endurance. And Air Climber doesn’t simply help you work those legs and abs. It includes accessories and training tools you will need to get a complete full body workout.

The Air Climber comes fully assembled. All you need to do is take it out of the box and press the dial to inflate the stepper. As time goes on and you become ready to move up to the next level, you simply need to turn the dial to increase air pressure. Keep going up a notch as you are ready. The stepper handles up to 300 pounds of body weight and can be used by men as well as women.

Brenda takes you through the exercises you need on the Easy Air Express Workout DVD that is included in the package. You’ll get the Eating Right Meal Plan guide and the Body Resistance Cord that lets you do some great resistance training. Then there is the Burn & Firm Workout and the Jump Start 10 Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan. Along with the package you get two great bonuses. Included are the ‘Five Function Personal Training Computer’ to track steps digitally, steps per minutes, the number of steps and calories burned. Also, there is a Training Guide and Owner’s Manual. Ordering options are available on the Air Climber website.

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The Air Climber Pro System – Ideal Home Fitness Or Piece of Junk?

The Air Climber Pro System – Review

The Real Deal

OK, you’ve seen the infomercial where everybody is ripped, smiling, and having a grand ol’ time on their Air Climber, now what’s the real deal? Well, it’s actually a darn durable little piece of magic. I’m surprised BUT I actually love it.

And, I DO NOT like working out. Not many people do, but it’s essential to looking good and feeling good so I push myself to do it. However, working out on the Air Climber Pro is just plain easy. Why? Well, it’s easy because it’s right there when you get up in the morning. Ha. There’s no excuse NOT to use it.

And, it’s great because I just get up a little bit early pop on the TV and and start stepping, I usually watch the news and not the Air Climber DVDs. Although when I have some extra time I DO use the DVD’s, the strength training, and the ab workout. Oh lord, feel the burn. They are good little workouts.

The deal with Air Climber is that it’s easy and it works. What more can you ask for? And it’s not going to break because if it does they’ll ship me a brand new one. It has a lifetime warranty…they don’t give those unless it doesn’t break. Also and this is awesome…I don’t have to put anything together!

I just slide the machine out of the box and it’s ready to go! I love that. EASY. Getting in shape isn’t happy smiley like the infomercial. But, it’s a nice piece of equipment and it DOES WORK.

The Air Climber Pro System – RESULTS

Ok, so after using this fitness machine for around maybe 30 days now I am fully satisfied that it’s workout burns a lot of calories and that it works in weight loss. I have lost around 6 pounds and I’m not ever trying that hard.

The verdict is out, I dig this machine. I think it’s the perfect solution for people who don’t like the gym and are ready to slim down and get into shape on their own terms. Stamp of approval.

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The Air Climber Mini Stepper – Easy Home Fitness at It’s Finest

The Air Climber Mini Stepper – This Little Baby Rocks

I do NOT like to exercise. In fact I hate it, BUT I want to look good, so I do it. Grudgingly, over the years I have joined gyms and what not, only to find that I don’t stick with it. It’s too hard to stay motivated when I have to change, get in my car, drive to the gym…and WAIT for the fitness machines.

When I was younger, I was a little better. But now it ‘s even harder to find the time to exercise. Like I said, though I’m not going to be lazy because then I’ll get fat. Not a good look for me! That’s why I dig the Air Climber mini stepper. It’s so easy to use and therefore I don’t have any excuse not to use it.

There are a few other mini steppers on the market but this one has a lifetime warranty, I don’t have to assemble it, and I can also do simple resistance training and even abs workouts in the Air Climber. It’s just perfect for me. I didn’t think it would be actually, because I’m skeptical by nature. But, I honestly love it.

I get up early in the morning, half dead, grab a quick cup of instant coffee, and get on my Air Climber while I watch the news. I don’t even feel like I’m exercising which is the best part of all. It’s like I’m just watching TV. And if I’m huffing and puffing a little bit…who cares. It’s just me by myself.

I believe this mini stepper would be just perfect for anyone who’s not into the gym scene and just wants to stay in shape while watching the tube. Couldn’t be more simple or easy.

The Air Climber Mini Stepper – My Results

Ok, so I haven’t even used this machine to it’s fullest and I’ve already lost around 6 pounds, my clothes fit way better, and I’m super happy. I’m also just impressed with the boost in energy that I’ve gotten. The nutritional guide that comes with the stepper is great…follow it and you’ll lose weight too…

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